Various - вечеринка у алсу

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Gran Vitaly ( real name Vitaly Zaprometov ) was born in a small town Guryev (Kazakhstan). From childhood he was interested in creation of melodies from anything. After a while it has grown into desire to create own music and to share it with other people. For the first time has faced electronic music at the age of 12 and during the same time has decided to study various ways of its creation. Since this time and before leaving school Vitaly has wrote many compositions, shared them with friends and received positive responses. In the age of 17 Vitaly has left to study to Russia, Vladimir city. In parallel with his study Vitaly has started to be interested seriously in electronic music and its creation. Long time improving music writing skills and quality of its sounding, he has come to quite good results. After a while Vitaly became the resident of a local dj-bar where plays till now (house, tech-house). He organised parties where played own tracks, public perceived them well. After a while has met with approval from Russia’s #1 dj (dj Feel). Vitaly's tracks were in rotation of dj Feel’s "Transmission" radio-show on the first dancing radio of Russia «Record» and «Vonyc Session» (Germany). 
Gran Vitaly is the young, purposeful and talented musician, whose career is just beginning. He constantly improves his skill and experiments with a sound. He is always full of new ideas and its tracks bring positive energy to people. Gran Vitaly is going to please public with the bright, sated and light sound more and more in future.

Various - Вечеринка у АлсуVarious - Вечеринка у АлсуVarious - Вечеринка у АлсуVarious - Вечеринка у Алсу